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Home Improvement Niches: Marketing Vacuums And Quality Sewing Machines

Posted by on Apr 14, 2015 in Blog, Machines | 0 comments

Introduction: Specialized Home Improvement Niches

Two specialized home improvement niches involve the provision of vacuum cleaners and quality sewing machines. These departments may also include the ongoing provision of vacuum accessories and supplies, and sewing materials, such as fabrics, threads, buttons and clothing patterns.

Using Knowledgeable Sales Representatives

Many home improvement companies employ facilitators to offer expert assistance to customers interested in purchasing vacuum and sewing equipment, supplies and related items. These sales agents may engage in consultative selling, endeavoring to match the needs of store customers with goods and services that fit their individual situations. Often the facilitator belongs to a team that works to gain familiarity with specific items of inventory and the features of these products, in order to provide the highest standard of assistance to customers.

For instance, a buyer for a large hotel chain likely will consider different aspects in purchasing a hundred vacuum cleaners than a retired couple seeking to maintain a clean efficiency apartment. A facilitator can effectively ascertain the specific purchasing objectives of these customers and lead each of them towards the items that best meet their specific needs. The hotel buyer may seek high powered vacuums capable of withstanding heavy daily use; the retired couple may need a much small, light weight model. By maintaining a goal of serving the customer, not simply making a sale, the facilitator helps ensure that the firm’s customers obtain high quality information about possible selections.

Additional Marketing Opportunities

Within these specific niche markets, a home improvement company may also develop expanded marketing opportunities by offering not only sales, but also regular service and repair. For instance, some vacuum models utilize vacuum bags designed to fit specific sizes and types of machinery; the company may expand the sale of a single vacuum into a regular re-order situation by supplying this necessary item to purchasers on an ongoing basis. If the home improvement company maintains a service department, its technicians can offer to periodically clean and help maintain vacuums for customers. Sewing machine models provide similar opportunities to offer value to customers through the provision of repair and maintenance services.

Finally, sales facilitators may help generate on going business by providing customers with warranty information and by conducting classes or training workshops to help develop specific skills. Opportunities to furnish this information can help a home improvement company develop longterm business relationships. Clients appreciate these informative seminars.